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What is the PlantFinder® Magazine?

With Over 75 years combined experience, the PlantFinder® and Plant & Supply Locator® have been the premier monthly wholesale guides to interior and ornamental plants for professionals in the horticultural industry. As an advertising medium, these trade magazines are the most valuable tool for providing accurate and timely plant availability information to licensed wholesalers.

Every month the PlantFinder® and Plant & Supply Locator® contain thousands of current plant and supply listings from hundreds of nurseries. Plant material is listed alphabetically by botanical name including common name cross references, quantities, descriptions and prices. Advertisers are listed alphabetically by company name and include location address, website, email, phone numbers and Certificate of Nursery Registration numbers.

Distributed to Landscape Contractors, Landscape Architects, Wholesale and Retail Nurserymen, Design Professionals, and thousands of other horticultural professionals throughout the United States.

The magazines are featured at industry trade shows including, but not limited to, The Landscape Show, Gulf States Horticultural Expo, Texas Nursery & Landscape Show, Native Plant Show, Jacksonville Landscape Show, Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition, TN Grow, Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show, NCAN Green & Growin', and SC Green.

Plant listings and allied products from the magazine appear on our online portal and can also appear on our Cold Hardy Palms and Florida Native Plants page.

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1,000's of plant and allied supply listings from growers & industry services across all regions – All searchable in ONE database!

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Contact Information

Click, Swipe or Turn the Page... We've got you covered! If you are interested in advertising online and/or in our magazine, please call (954.981.2821) or email one of our sales team representatives.

Advertising Rates


These monthly rates apply to the PlantFinder® and Plant & Supply Locator® magazines.

Display Ads

Full Page

Full page ads are designed vertically. Contact us for placement availability.
1-2 Months:
3+ Months:

Half Page

Half page ads are designed vertically or horizontally. Contact us for placement availability.
1-2 Months:
3+ Months:

Quarter Page

Quarter page ads are designed vertically. Contact us for placement availability.
1-2 Months:
3+ Months:

Front & Back Covers

Single Issue:
Call for availability and pricing.

Inside Covers

Single Issue:
Call for availability and pricing.

Insert Cards

Inserts are 5 X 8 dual sided cards and can be designed vertically or horizontally.
1 - 2 Months:
3+ Months:

* All prices are based on a monthly rate.

* Contact our sales team for long-term rates or pay in-advance options.


A FREE Monthly magazine is included with your printed advertisement. All listings in the magazine will appear online at no additional cost.

Plant Listings
$50.00 (20 items or less)
$2.50 each
Allied Listings
$50.00 (1000 chars or less) **
$40.00 (800 chars or less) **
Real Estate
$40.00 (800 chars or less) **

** $2.50 for every additional 50 chars


Banners are attached to a plant listing in the magazine and will appear in your choice of red, blue, green or black.

Monthly special, multi-ad discount and association member benefits are available.

  • Standard Banner: $35.00 each, 4 banners or more $25.00 each
  • Jumbo Banner: $75.00 each or 3 banners for $200.00

PlantSearch® Website

PlantSearch® offers a unique Scientific Database along with a Comprehensive Criteria Search engine. Additionally, we provide a FREE Request-For-Quote system to streamline the ordering process for our buyers with suppliers. Users can upload multiple images for their listings, monitor search traffic, and manage their inventory on PlantSearch while also displaying it on their personal website using our customizable Widget. Our website is entirely mobile-friendly, enabling users to update their listings while on the go in the field.

Banner Ads

Home Page

These ads will appear on the front home page of our site. Banners can be linked to your website or your company's plant availability listing.

1-2 Months:
3+ Months:


Rotating banners are showcased at random throughout the interior of the website at the top of each page.

(3 month minimum)


Static banners can be displayed on a designated listing within the search page or alternatively, they can be assigned to one of our main pages..

$99 and $10.00/additional linked item or page

Pay-Per-Click Listings

Upload all your inventory online in our very active PlantSearch® website. You will only pay when a customer clicks to view your information or when your listing appears in a search within an 8-hour session. Items listed in our PlantFinder® Magazine are exempt from these charges. You will have access to detail traffic reporting. There is a $10.00 minimum for PPC accounts.


Special Services

Allied Listings
Same As Pay-Per-Click **
Classified Ad
$15.00/Month **
Real Estate Ad
$15.00/Month **

** Your Allied, Classifieds and/or Real Estate listings are FREE if they are included in the magazine.

Industry Memberships

We offer specials and discounts for companies that are members of the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape association (FNGLA) and Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN). Make sure to let our sales team know if you are a member of these organizations.


Florida Registration

If your nursery is located in Florida, you must have a Certificate of Nursery Registration from the State of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We will include this registration number with any published ad.

Advertising rates, specials and prices are subject to change without notice.

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