About Us

In 1975, Irv Betrock edited a small trade magazine started by an ambitious group of South Florida nurserymen. As the nursery industry grew, so did the small trade magazine and Betrock Information Systems, Inc. was born.

The building boom of the 70's created a need for more landscape plants and supplies. Information pertaining to locating and sourcing, as well as, growing and marketing new plants and supplies was more important than ever.

Betrock's monthly magazine addressed these issues enabling the small magazine to grow and evolve into what the PlantFinder magazine is today: A wholesale guide to foliage and ornamental plants and supplies, containing over 36,000 of the most accurate and up to date listings of plant materials, allied supplies, classified, and real estate ads from their loyal advertisers.

All listings are updated monthly by growers and are reviewed for accuracy by a team of experts. The PlantFinder magazine is distributed throughout the State of Florida and the Gulf Coast States, reaching thousands of potential buyers and other professionals nationwide. With PlantFinder.com and PlantSearch.com, Betrock's books and services are also easily accessible online.

The Plant & Supply Locator was started in August 1992. Under the enthusiastic ownership of Bill and April Hutchinson, the LOCATOR, like the PlantFinder, has become a household name for anyone in the horticulture industry looking to buy, sell or specify plant material and allied products. The monthly magazine contains up-to-date pricing and availability from hundreds of quality growers and suppliers. The LOCATOR has become one of the most timesaving tools for thousands of horticultural professionals.

Hutchinson Publishing is dedicated to providing their valued advertisers and subscribers with the most current and helpful information possible. The LOCATOR magazine and our many other products are designed to streamline and simplify the process each horticultural professional goes through when designing a landscape, purchasing material for a landscape installation, or showing the industry the quality products and services they have to offer. It is their goal to help with any question you may have regarding the horticultural industry and all of thier representatives will be more than happy to assist you and your business with continued growth and success in the years to come.

In 2012, Betrock's PlantFinder joined forces with Hutchinson's Plant & Supply Locator to create PlantSearch.com - an all in one online sourcing guide for plants and supplies. This wholesale site allows vendors to list their entire availability while enabling buyers to access current information with the click of a button.