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Plants growing under different conditions may vary considerably in characteristics, and there is no guarantee that any given plant will always conform to the known information in the environment in which they will now live.

We assume no responsibility nor liability for the shipping, installation and care performed by the purchasers of plants and or allied supplies.

Names of plants selected for exhibitors' listings will be verified for spelling and accuracy within a period of 48 hours after a new submission. Betrock Information Systems, Inc. encourage trade show participants to use scientific names/botanical names to define their listings. Scientific/botanical name is defined as follow: Genus species 'Cultivar'. Genus is capitalized, species is in lower case, cultivar between quotes if applicable. Common names are geographically and culturally dependent, therefore visitors may misunderstand the availability of plants defined with common name(s) only. At this time we do not recommend to define plant listing using its common name(s).

Description of plants (Container size, height, width, caliper, etc) should be expressed using the metric system (International System of Units) whenever possible instead of the American System. The metric system is recognized and commonly used by all countries.

Photos uploading: All photos selected by the exhibitors should be of reasonable size (under 2Mb) to facilitate a quicker display of the exhibitor's booth.

Betrock Information Systems, Inc. encourages exhibitors' price lists to be in a Portable Document File (PDF) format for easier download.

Betrock Information Systems, Inc. will update the databases on regular basis. We do apologize for possible slow down and inconvenience that may occur during these procedures.

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